• Beach Volleyball

    Beach Volleyball

  • Beach Volleyball

    Get your game on at our sand volleyball court.
  • mobile-camp-hangout

    Camp Hangout

  • Camp Hangout

    Report to the beach for a new festival experience - Camp Hangout. We’re playing tug-of-war, cranking up the slip and slide, painting faces, launching water balloons and featuring other classic camp adventures. *Camp Hangout is not an overnight camping experience.
  • mobile-art


  • Art

    Whatever we dream up.
  • Mega Drop

    Mega Drop

  • Mega Drop

    Waiting for the drop.
  • mobile-ferris-wheel

    The Ferris Wheel

  • The Ferris Wheel

    Enjoy the view.
  • mobile-the-big-tap

    The Big Tap

  • The Big Tap

    Crack open a cold one.
  • Delicious Eats

    Delicious Eats

  • Delicious Eats

    Fresh catches all weekend long
  • activity-slider-newweddingchapel-mobile

    Wedding Chapel

  • Wedding Chapel

    Get hitched at Hangout. Easier than Vegas, divorce included.
  • Hammock Beach

    Hammock Beach

  • Hammock Beach

    The right way to pass out.
  • sourpunch-mobile

    Sour Punch Dodge & Jump

  • Sour Punch Dodge & Jump

    Punch Up your Hangout weekend at the Sour Punch Dodge & Jump obstacle course. Race your crew for a chance to win bragging rights.

    and so much more

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