What's Happening?

Mac Miller

May 19, 2012

Mac Miller packed out the Xbox stage earlier this afternoon.  It was a big dance party under the tent and everyone was getting super rowdy.  He led the crowd with chants in almost every song.

I liked how he not only had a pretty cool light show, (well as much as you could have for a daytime set) but he played little “movies” on the big screen behind him.  Each movie corresponded with the song and told a little story itself.  They had kind of an old Hollywood feel to them.  I wasn’t expecting this artistic twist during his set at all, it was a nice little surprise.

Mac is from Pittsburgh and his most recent album “Blue Slide Park” debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200.  Mac is only 20 years young and is already selling out shows.  I see big things to come for this kid.


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