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Fashion Friday

May 18, 2012

Alright ladies, let’s be honest, you have all been planning your outfits for Hangout Fest since you bought your tickets.  Don’t try and deny it, because no one likes a liar.  Never fret, my fashionable festival goers, because your hard work has not been in vain.  I will be hitting the grounds all weekend in search of the most fashionable girls at the beach.

With that being said, here are some of my favorite looks from Friday.  I’ve seen some funny graphic tanks and lots of neon.  Crochet and mesh seem to be a festival favorite, especially with the sun out in full force.  I love the fringe side bags that are big this season, I’ve been rocking one myself.  All in all, it was a strong showing on the first day of the fest.

So be on the lookout for a small brunette armed with an iPhone (really narrows it down, huh?) and you just might see yourself here.


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